Industrial Pavilion and Garden


Industrial Pavilion and Garden

Date: 2009
Location: Zarautz. Gipuzkoa
Architects: Alvaro Albaizar + Naia Landa + Paul Basañez + DGM Office
Client: Town Council Zarautz
State: Competition


The objective was to build a new pavilion for the town council to store construction materials in order to maintain urban infrastructures of the town. The spot was located in the outskirts of Zarautz.

Standard structural systems for industries, low cost envelopes and energy saving solutions were crucial designing the proposal. Apart from this, we proposed an energetic garden, a solar park taking advantage of a south orientated slope. In the garden, local species such as Txakoli vineyard were used like in the typical landscapes of Zarautz. In the green area solar panels were part of an innovative idea to produce energy for the community of Zarautz.